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IGdm Pro

Continue your Instagram direct messages from your phone to your desktop.

Download the latest v2.0.0


Free 14 Day Trial

You can use IGdm Pro for FREE within the first 14 days of installation. You don't have to purchase the License before trying it out.

Multiple Accounts

Sign in to as many accounts as you wish.

Proxy Support

With IGdm Pro you can Login through Proxy.

100 Conversations

IGdm Pro will load up to 100 of your chat conversations

Filter Chat list

Filter your chat list based read and unread messages.

Delete Conversation

Delete a conversation from your chat list. Just like you can hide a conversation from the mobile app.

Search Messages

You can do a text search to look through older messages which would have otherwise been difficult to find.

Unsend Messages

Just like in the mobile app, you can delete (unsend) messages.

Dark Theme

For a bettter visual experience, you can switch between the Light theme and the Dark theme.

Quick Replies

IGdm Pro comes with a "Quick Reply" feature which allows you save frequently used messages so you can re-use them with just a few clicks.