Tweet About IGdm Pro and Get a FREE Month of Subscription

Get a free month of subscription just for telling your friends and followers about IGdm Pro! 🎉 Please read along for the steps and requirements

Requirements and Steps to Follow

1. Compose your tweet saying something you like about IGdm Pro. The tweet should mention the handle @igdmApps, and it should contain a link to the IGdm Pro site Please see the screenshot below for example.

2. Once your tweet has been posted, send a Twitter DM containing your email address to the @igdmApps account. The email address you share will be used to create and communicate your Free month subscription.

3. A Free month subscription License Key will be sent to your email address and you'll be able to use IGdm Pro for Free! 🥳

4. To ensure that you are truly recommending IGdm Pro and not using a burner account, the account with which you post the Tweet must have at least 100 followers

5. Please do not delete the tweet after you've received you Free License Key. If you do, my cat will be saddened and she will starve herself for a day. Help me keep my cat fed. 🤧

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